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todo-list-297195_960_720With more and more people taking pride in their yards, and intending to weed them diligently, finding the best weed trimmer has never been more important. Anyone who enjoys getting outside and doing a bit of gardening should take a few moments to stop and think about the subject, as a little planning in advance can save a gardener both time and money later on. Exactly which type of trimmer is best will depend on the specific area to be weeded – there is no one answer that will be perfect for every yard.

The first thing to think about is what power source the trimmer will have – gas or electric. There are advantages and disadvantages with both these types, so it will partly come down to personal preference. However, there is one rule to follow that should make selecting the best weed trimmer easier. The rule is: consider the size of the yard. Electric trimmers are usually smaller and lighter, so are best suited to small yards without too much weeding work to be done. On the other hand, gas-powered trimmers are generally much heavier, and require more maintenance – but they are also very strong and durable, and can cope with large jobs.

It is also important to think about the potential nuisance to neighbors that a gas-powered weed trimmer can cause, thanks to its high noise levels. Although they are still likely to be the best choice for really large yards or gardens, if the area to be weeded is of medium dimensions, a quieter, corded electric trimmer may be a better option. These have more range and stamina than cordless electric trimmers, and do not need to be recharged, but in some cases, the cord itself can get in the way of the gardener. To summarize – the best weed trimmer for one yard may not be the best trimmer for another yard. They must be purchased according to each person’s specific needs.