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Greenworks 21602

What Can You Learn from a Greenworks 21602 Weed String Trimmer Review?

When you go to your local home improvement store or garden center, you will see that they usually have a wide array of trimmers and edgers available, some of which can be very affordable. However, like many things that you buy in your life, you do get what you pay for, and having a trimmer that doesn’t work well, has no power, or is a constant frustration for you will generally mean that you end up using it less often than you should. When you read a Greenworks 21602 Weed String Trimmer review, you will see that this is a high powered, cordless model that may be able to solve many of your problems.

What Is the Greenworks 21602 Weed String Trimmer?

One of the benefits of reading a Greenworks 21602 Weed String Trimmer review is that you will quickly see just what kind of work this is good for. It has able to cut a full 12-inch swatch, which is as much or more than most lower priced models, but it has a higher level of power than many electric models, which means that you will be able to get through higher grass easier and quicker.

How Does the Greenworks 21602 Weed String Trimmer Work?

The benefits of having a cordless and rechargeable trimmer are obvious and the fact that this can easily be converted to an edger as well as a trimmer makes it virtually two tools in one. It also has a 6.0 amp hour battery and charger included with it, as well as a four-year parts and labor warranty and a one-year warranty on the battery.

What Are People Saying in the Greenworks 21602 Weed String Trimmer Reviews?

If you have ever struggled with a low priced, string trimmer, then you know that having a high-quality one will not only save you time, but a lot of frustration as well and that is certainly witnessed in many of the Greenworks 21602 Weed String Trimmer reviews that you will find online.

“Out of the box, the trimmer makes a good impression. The battery lasts a long time and it is very solidly built.”
–       Manny, Amazon.com

Obviously power is important, but you will find that the ability of this device to get through even the thickest grass is what makes it worth the price.

“This has almost as much power as a grass trimmer and I used it on thick grass that was about ten inches high with great results.”
–       Jack, Amazon.com

Where Should You Buy It?

When you read most of the Greenworks 21602 Weed String Trimmer reviews, you will see that although this isn’t the cheapest electric string trimmer and edger on the market, it is well worth the extra price that you will pay for the fact that it is cordless and high powered. Another thing that you will learn is that when you buy this online, you will end up getting it at a much better price than you would in any home improvement store in your hometown.

Is This the Right Product For You?

Whether you have a large yard or you are someone who does yard work for a living, having just the right tools can make a huge difference to the time and effort that it takes to get work done. When you read a Greenworks 21602 Weed String Trimmer review,  you will see just how useful this is since it is both an edger and a trimmer, and the fact that it is battery powered means that you will get more than your money’s worth. Being able to do all of your yard work without having to worry about a cord again can be a real blessing. You can find even more amazing deals on weed and grass trimmers here style=.


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