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Springtime is here and what this means is that your grass is also going to grow to proportions you will certainly not feel happy with. If you like to have a garden with a short grass, so that everything looks nice and neat, you will certainly need to get the best Gas powered weed trimmers out there and start trimming. Yet how will you be able to find the best one, which will help you do a good job, without actually poking a hole in your wallet? Below you will find some advice on how to achieve just that!lawn-mower-938555_960_720

First of all you will need to decide on the weed trimmers that you actually need. Based on the research form Consumer Reports, there are 3major conclusions the professionals there reached after testing eighteen of them.

a) Corded models are still noisy
b) The cordless models will most of the times have difficulties cutting
c) Bigger is not always better when it comes to weed trimmers

If you are looking for the best gas trimmer, then you should know that overall the Echo SRM 225 is one of the best, according to Consumer Search. Maybe there will be plenty of people to say that it has a small engine, yet the power it will output will be actually enough for the majority of homeowners.

Because it’s lighter than the average trimmers out there, weighing only eleven lbs, you will find this model to be quite easy to maneuver. Because it comes with a shaft which comes easy on the back, you will find it a pleasure to trim under bushes. When it comes to maintenance, it’s fairly simple and most of the parts that you will want to replace can be found on the market at low prices. Yet the best news about this model is that it has a five years warranty and it’s built to last.

Types of Gas Powered Weed Trimmers: Two-Stroke Engine

For those looking for the Best Weed Trimmer in terms of low consumption, they should go with one that features a 2 stroke engine. These are most of the times engines that require less maintenance than the four-stroke models, are lighter and are also easier to start. Usually, you will find them running on a mixture of oil and gas. Should I recommend a model of such trimmer, I can guarantee you that the Husqvarna 125L is one of the best out there, according to what Popular Mechanics says. It’s very light and on top of that comes with a straight shaft for an improved control. You will find this trimmer to be very fun to use, coming with excellent power and starting easily. If you want to use it in multiple positions and also rotate it, then you only use its large loop handle and set it the way you want it.

Types of Gas Powered Weed Trimmers: Four-Stroke Engine

If you want the Best Weed Trimmer out there in terms of noise, then I think a model from the four stroke engine category will do the trick. These are models that are quieter than the 2 stroke engines and will also perform better. They are best used if you have a large yard where the grass has grown very much and you would like to cut it fast and easy. Good news about them is that you will not have to resort to using oil and gas mixtures in order to run them. According to Consumer Research, the Craftsman 79194 is a very easy to start trimmer and it’s also very dependable. Not only does it have a quiet engine, but it will also e easy to handle regardless if you’re a right hander or a leftie.

Types of Gas Powered Weed Trimmers: Conclusion

As a last recommendation, you should go for the weed trimmers that Still produces. With their Stihl FS 55 model, chosen as one of the best by Popular Mechanics, you cannot go wrong in your back or front yard. It’s a model that was specifically build in order to handle extended use and big jobs. Using it is just a pleasure and at the end of the day, you will feel grateful to have chosen it. Remember, when looking for the Best Weed Trimmer research is all that matters and remember: never buy the first one that seems the right choice, as there are certainly more choices to explore before taking a decision!