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About Black & Decker

With over 100 years of history, Black & Decker has become a fixture in American home and lawn care. With various departments dedicated to making quality home, garden, and power tools that people can rely on for years to come. The company merged with Stanley works back in 2010 and have worked beautifully together to produce new and exciting tools to help people in their daily lives.

What sets Black & Decker weed trimmers apart from their competitors is probably having a firm foundation in innovating designs. With a history that spans over 100 years, you know that Black & Decker has the tools and resources to bring the greatest minds together for their tools.

Hitachi Weed Trimmer

About Hitachi

A powerhouse in technology and innovation, Hitachi group is a conglomerate that started in 1910 by creating the first 5-horsepower motor (which was crazy impressive way back in the day). Since then, the company has continued to expand and create new and exciting projects. To name a few, the Hitachi Group is responsible for transistor-based computers in the late 1950’s and even developing an atomic-resolution holography electron microscope just a few years ago.

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about this company is that they have an impressive array of inventions and have broken ground on some of the most important designs for things that people use every day, such as refrigerators and diesel engines. So what about their weed trimmers? Are they as impressive as the rest of the company? A resounding yes is the thoughts and reviews of many happy customers.

greenworks weed trimmer

About GreenWorks

Top quality products for a price that customers enjoy, it’s no wonder why GreenWorks is a brand that people have been turning to in recent years. Their customer support and the quality of their parts easily rival some of the top brands that are featured in ever tool retail chain across the country. People really enjoy the solid designs that are also energy efficient.

One thing that makes people apprehensive about this brand is how new it is in comparison to its competitors. With both Hitachi and Black & Decker have a 100+ year history, this brand is a little less heard of but has a lot to say when you compare their products and their statistics.