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greenworks weed trimmerTop quality products for a price that customers enjoy, it’s no wonder why GreenWorks is a brand that people have been turning to in recent years. Their customer support and the quality of their parts easily rival some of the top brands that are featured in ever tool retail chain across the country. People really enjoy the solid designs that are also energy efficient.

One thing that makes people apprehensive about this brand is how new it is in comparison to its competitors. With both Hitachi and Black & Decker have a 100+ year history, this brand is a little less heard of but has a lot to say when you compare their products and their statistics.

People just love GreenWorks, from the design to the fuel efficiency, they just make outstanding products from the start. Now, breaking it down a little further, what people love most about the design their energy efficient lithium batteries. Many American lawn mowers use lead acid batteries, which is still a bad idea, that’s what makes GreekWorks a nice departure with more modern brands.

This company is a simple, down to earth business with proud owners that are confident in their tools, nothing more and nothing less. Many people want a change from the large corporate entities that have become complacent in their designs and often over-charge for sub-par quality.

If you’re someone looking to try a new, lightweight design, with a company that is dedicated to quality and innovating designs in the field, then you should definitely try Greenworks out.

To learn more about GreenWorks products and the different models the sell for weed trimmers, you can browse our collection of GreenWorks reviews. We also provide the best places to buy each model we recommend for the best price on the market, in-store or online.